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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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lump-sum that officers get at the end of a career for all those days that they did not call in sick. in the end it all added up. after 27 years at san jose police in 30 years in law enforcement, police chief chris mohr is calling it a career >> i will be retiring as chief >> it comes 23 months after taking the job, a surprise to the city manager who hired him >> this is really a bittersweet moment for me. i knew that the chief was contemplating retirement awhile back. i had wishful thinking that it wouldn't happen this soon >> he said having more family time is the reason for stepping down now and he downplayed the turmoil at the apartment but since the first day isn't ministration has been consumed with having to lay off officers >> we are in a tough spot and it will take us a couple of years to get through the number of these issues. in the meantime it will be
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difficult and i get that book for me and my family, 30 years is the right time >> cantu's layoff 65 officers and watch as others went to other departments >> i think it is making it clear to the citizens of san jose that this department is hemorrhaging >> the police union was at odds for not standing up stronger to the cut >> i think he said nothing will change and there is nothing for more for me to do and it is time for me to want >> he said that he will stay in office until the end of january. meanwhile, the city manager said a nationwide search for a new chief will be watched. >> right now these are live pictures as chopper five is over about 100 protesters marching through san francisco's financial district right now. demonstrators have been in the streets for a couple of hours blocking intersections on
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california. mobile 5 is in the middle of the protest as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of the occupied movement. occupiers insist the movement is not dead but is it still relevant? >> it is relevant but in a way i don't think many people expected. it actually meant mainstream in its own way. one year ago it was making their point by taking over banks. today they were serenading them. ♪ >> in the occupied camp that was four months the center of police detention is gone. replaced today by a 49ers souvenir trailer. some things were the same. police are still out in force and the occupied message. granted the occupiers and
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eventually turned off many of their supporters with their tactics but their message of the 99% vs. the wealthy 1% has become very much a part of a political landscape. >> i don't believe another round of tax breaks for millionaires will pay down the deficit. after all we have been through, i don't believe that rolling back regulations on wall street will help the small businesswoman expand or the laid-off construction worker keep his home >> on the state level occupy sentiments were a key reason behind gov. jerry brown deciding to go for higher taxes for the wealthy >> taxing the rich is something we talked about now. making sure the 1 percent pays their fair share is part of the conversation. occupied put that in the conversation >> we have got over 300 property auctions postponed.
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we have stopped 60 evictions and helped 52 people fight to get permanent loan modifications >> there is another face of occupy, is the homeless occupied encampment at the foot of market street. it has been here and has been growing much as the mayor concerned because that is the site that they don't really want to be dealing with that much although it still comes under free speech. >> let's go live to mobile 5, ken bastida with more on the local march >> here at attorney and california the occupiers have stopped and they are in front of the old 4558 of america world headquarters which is where they will state their message this evening. probably about 150 people,
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maybe 200. some of the people driving by, right now a portion of curry street is closed at california but a pretty well-behaved group. i spoke with one of the officers in charge and they say they have not had any arrests and everyone is pretty much be giving themselves. there after the banks, a little bit about housing and foreclosures. i spoke with rick who was with occupy from the beginning and he says the message is the same. >> bring awareness to the general public, foreclosure, student loans, locally you have cc sf fighting their accreditation problem and we're trying to help them with that. >> asked him if the presidential election would have any impact
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on occupied and he said it does not matter, the two candidates are pretty much established in people and they will take their message to the financial district this evening and walk past montgomery and a couple of other intersections. they have been blocking them periodically throughout the afternoon. >> we will be updating that throughout the evening but on the east coast police arrested more than 100 people at the occupy wall street protest in the financial district. many of those were part of a group that tried to form a human chain. >> the search continues for a bay area man who vanished on a cross-country and track trip. his phone, luggage and medication arrived in chicago on friday but the man did not. his family things he might have gone off in all of thursday night. the conductor who last saw him there says that he seemed confused and thought he was in
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an apartment. the former firefighters family says he takes medication that can lead contemporarily disoriented but he does not suffer from dementia. >> my personal feeling is that he is hurt. he might have fallen because i've been married 45 years and i know him, he would call >> his two children are in omaha looking for him right now. tomorrow they will likely add to lincoln, the next top down the line >> concord police shot a man who claimed to be armed and was threatening to kill himself. it happened in the front yard of a home on a black field drive. neighbors were told to stay inside until the man was subdued. >> the man accused of kidnapping his two children and taking them out to sea appeared in a redwood
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city courtroom this afternoon. he did not enter a plea but he spoke out insisting his children are being neglected. the judge had ordered him to be quiet >> in menlo park school damage by fire is reopened for class this morning. dozens of parents help clean up the beach would school. fire investigators later found that the temporary building did not have a sprinkler or a fire alarm system. >> some bay area gym members are finding out a name can mean a lot. >> it looks the same outside but there is a big change, much cooler weather is outside. a beautiful shot over the city. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up >> a program,,,,,,
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>> summed gold's gym is in the bay area are now calling themselves fitness sf. the reason for the name change, gay marriage >> out with gold's, in with a new gym called fitness sf. the franchise owner of this gym south of market and three others has separated from gold's gym after a nasty political controversy. >> i was angry >> two years ago many were upset when it was revealed that the ceo of the company that owns gold's gym and one of the richest americans alive had contributed $2 million to karl rove political action committee. american crossroads helped elect republican candidates around the country including some that made it clear they do not believe in same-sex marriage
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or other gay-rights. some started a petition at the time the owner said he had enough and he would find ways to cut ties. their contract ended this past weekend >> i think it took a lot of strength and guts to say to the corporation, your practices are not in tune with hours >> everything that needed to be said was said to years ago about that issue and we're focused on our future >> the owner says he is bound by contract not to talk about why they parted ways. a gold's gym spokesperson e- mail the saying it was just business " we were actually in talks with that franchise group in recent months to renew their franchise agreements, a very much expressed interest in doing so. ultimately we were not able to come to terms of their agreement simply expire ". management has made it clear to the members that they did make the change as a result of
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the political stand. one drawback is that members will not be able to use gold's gym as around the country. one person told me it was worth righteous cause >> coming up, a program helping bay area veterans get back to work >> your on to do not call,,
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>> today the wave of anti- american protests in the middle east produced a rare public appearance by the leader of hezbollah. he normally avoids the public for fear of assassination. today he spoke to the angry crowds in the streets of beirut calling on moslems around the world to continue their outrage against the anti is long video that has started the unrest. in afghanistan those protests turned violent. the demonstrators set vehicles and tires on fire. demonstrators tried to make their way towards the u.s. embassy but were turned away by security personnel. the film at the center of the outrage is believed to be the work of a coptic christian.
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today in southern california, members of that religious groups join muslims to denounce the religious group and violence >> we strongly condemn any and all violent action and a loss of innocent life >> the film maker who lives in southern california is staying out of sight. more on the protests coming up on the evening news. >> republican presidential rut nominee mitt romney made a fresh appeal to latino voters at the hispanic chamber of commerce in l.a. >> i want to structure a temporary worker visa program so that these meet the needs of employers and by the way, if someone gets an advanced degree i want them to stay here so i
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would staple a green card to their diploma >> president obama told voters he is fighting back against chinese auto subsidies >> these directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. it is not right, it is against rules and we will not let it stand >> the timing and location of the announcement is no coincidence. ohio is a crucial swing state but thousands of jobs tied to the auto industry >> the iphone 5 set record sales. at&t says it sold more of the new iphone than any of the other previous models. apple expects to have most of them delivered by friday but since demand has exceeded initial supply, some will not arrive until october. flight delays climb to an all- time high in july. that one month saw more delays
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than the last eight months combined. one international flight was even delayed for more than four hours and is subject to a fine of more than $27,000 per passenger. united airlines was the worst. at least some of the delays were blamed on summer storms >> annoyed by telemarketers? you're not alone. complaints have tripled in spite of the do not call list. it is raising the question, is the registry working? >> most of her phone calls are from someone trying to sell or something >> 75-80 percent of the calls are telemarketing >> every time i blocked a number the next day they call from a different number >> consumer complaints about telemarketers flood our alliance and it turns out they are
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flooding the ftc as well. according to government figures the calls are up over 30 percent in the last year and complaints are up 40% but the number of telemarketers actually checking to do not call list is down nearly 50% >> the growth in robotic calls is almost all fraudulent and almost all outside the country >> those calls are hard to trace and cheap to make. the ftc has filed cases against more than 400 companies and individuals but is now turning to technology >> the agency is releasing to online videos and educating consumers and is planning a summit to examine how it can better use technology to stop fraudulent calls. one option is to ask your provider to block the numbers but that could get expensive if there is a fee. what you might not be able to stop the calls altogether there
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is one thing likely to increase them. do not press any number. it confirms you have an act of line. your best bet is to simply hang up. the ftc says the do not call registry is working when it comes to legitimate companies we are seeing more fraudulent calls. campaigns and charities that you have been given permission to can legally call you. >> paul is in the weather center at and it was pretty decent today >> it was beautiful outside with the sunshine but we did not have the warm weather. paul wellstone only 70. 63 in richmond. temperatures are way down and i will explain coming up.
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outside right now, mid-70s in concord and livermore. 69 in san jose. this has been the trend for the entire month. for the month, sfo is four degrees cooler than normal. oakland is nearly four degrees cooler than normal. the offshore wind has been nowhere close to the bay area over the past several days. the giants and the rockies at 715, 60 degrees. because of the stronger onshore flow we kept the cloud cover until lunch time today. the onshore flow will remain elevated for the next several days. we have had the high pressure area to our self giving us the onshore flow and now we have low pressure off to the northwest. it will keep us chilly all the way through thursday.
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temperatures running anywhere from 5-15 degrees cooler than normal. mild weather returns friday. six degrees below average in concord tomorrow. 76 in sunnyvale. 73 in fremont. 61 in san francisco tomorrow. 13 degrees below average. here is the extended forecast calling for '70s inland and upper 60s by the bay. sunshine is the constant but the temperatures are running below normal for several days. >> it is a promise to bay area veterans that life does get better after your service. the program helps for veterans
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find work after their service is over. one veteran said it took for longer than expected before she got a call back. >> it took me a very long time, and then was finally able to find employment. >> from the name hard hats, it prepares veterans for jobs in construction. they say it is critical to get troops back into secure stable jobs. >> global health at a bay area hospital. how some of the country's top,,
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>> from a hip replacement to knee and hand surgery, american doctors are late are trained in the latest orthopedic techniques
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>> it is not the operating room but the focus is just as intense. is not the un but the faces are just as the verse >> you can cut right along here >> is global health at san francisco general hospital. 62 surgeons from 17 countries are learning modern techniques that do not require any modern technology. the surgeons from developing countries are learning basic skills on cadavers that they can take home and use immediately. >> in most developing places the carnage that goes on in the streets and roads is enormous. >> in developing countries orthopedic injuries take a huge coal >> it can lead to non healing mal united crooked bones or chronic infections >> if the wound is complex with
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exposed bone, imputation is the standard treatment >> he is helping change that, teaching the orthopedic surgeons how to do what is called a muscle flap. this doctor from the philippines >> coming from our country where there is a lot of motorcycle accidents, we get all lot of patience with open fis or open legs or injuries, open fractures >> it works one surgeon at a time >> is more about skill, learning how to do the procedures. >> what the surgeons learned today did not involve high tech in plants or the latest in bionics. these are surgical procedures [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. negotiations are underway and it is clear that both the sides of our this from stanford to harvard, you can get an ivy league education without ever leaving your home. how thousands of students are logging on and learning. >> the cbs evening news is coming up next >> latest


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